Tuesday, September 7, 2010


another collection from SUPRA that always make ma money burn just like that


you gonna see them at ma feet.please ZON5.ada2 kn la kasut ni.akan ku beli dgn hati yang terbuka.haha.

                                                ADIDAS SLVR WOMENS COLLECTION
shoes for ma girl that always love.this is not the best present that i can give you.only this shoes i can afford it.but.........i dont have any girl who love me and to love.haha

Monday, September 6, 2010


hey all.u can call me ace.dis is ma 1st time using dis blog.kind of excited and don't know what to do and to write in dis blog.juz bebling.i wanted to learn something new.want to share all stuff with you.create a real relationship with everybody.n fyi, im so brave to do something crazy.and it will be absolutely crazy.heh!ok people.if there something that bad thing i have done.just tell me.i will fix it.THANK YOU!!